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Astra 1KR at 19.2°E

The Astra 1KR at 19.2°E was manufactured by Lockheed Martin and is operated by SES. The Astra 1KR at 19.2°E uses the A2100AXS model bus. Swiss Cast uses a satellite like the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E because we want to provide your business with the best.

Powerful Satellite

12,000 Watts are used to power the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E. This is maximum power for the maximum service that you expect from us at Swiss Cast.

Quality Since The Launch

The launch of Astra 1KR at 19.2°E took place on April 20th, 2006. The launch took place at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Atlas 5 was used to launch the vehicle. At launch, the mass of the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E was just over 4,300 kg.


The Astra 1KR at 19.2°E has an orbit perigee of 35,766 km and an apogee of 35,807 km. The inclination is 0.08 degrees and the eccentricity is 4.86E-04. Finally, the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E uses a geostationary orbit.


The Astra 1KR at 19.2°E contains 32 high-quality Ku-band transponders. These are the transponders you need for your business and the transponders that you can trust from us at Swiss Cast.

On-Board Beams

There are two Ku-band beams on-board the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E. These beams are the Ku-band Europe and the Ku-band Spot 1 Beam.

Massive Coverage

The transponders on the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E are used by Swiss Cast to provide service all throughout nearly all of Europe as well as parts of the Atlantic Ocean. You can expect far-reaching coverage with Swiss Cast.

A Market Leader

Swiss Cast is leading the market in providing excellent service. We rely on satellites like the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E to deliver your data at fast speeds with reliable uptimes.

A Lifetime Of Service

The Astra 1KR at 19.2°E is expected to remain active through at least 2021. Just like Swiss Cast, you can count on this service to provide quality service for many years to come.

Boost Your Business With Us

If you want to boost you business, you’ve come to the right company. Swiss Cast is perfectly capable of handling television, internet, radio, and many other forms of data through satellites like the Astra 1KR at 19.2°E. When you come to Swiss Cast, you are working with a company that has experience in providing the data that you require, with the technical expertise that you expect.

Service On Your Budget

Swiss Cast is special in that we provide service that far exceeds your expectations, at prices that are far lower than your budget. We are proud to be one of the best in this regard.

Astra 1KR Europe Ku-band Beam H

Astra 1KR Europe Ku-band Beam H

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