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Astra 2C at 19.2°E

The Astra 2C at 19.2°E was launched to satisfy the transmission needs for businesses all over the world. Manufactured by Boeing, the Astra 2C at 19.2°E is built off the BSS-601HP model bus and operated by SES. Many businesses find that Astra 2C at 19.2°E and Swiss Cast are the solution to their transmission needs.


The Astra 2C at 19.2°E orbits at 19.2°E. The Astra 2C at 19.2°E was launched and started off at 19.2°E before moving to 28.2°E and later, 31.5°E. The satellite was returned to its original position in September 2010.


The launch of the Astra 2C at 19.2°E took place on June 16th, 2001 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch location. The Proton K was used to deliver the vehicle into space. At launch, the mass of the satellite was 3,643 kg. Upon orbit, the mass was 2,000 kg.


7,000 W are powering the Astra 2C at 19.2°E and the services that you can count on through Swiss Cast.

Quality Aboard

32 Ku-bands are aboard the Astra 2C at 19.2°E. In addition, 5 beams are also onboard the satellite. The transponders aboard the satellite are of the quality you can expect from Swiss Cast, and we are confident that they will fulfill your needs.

Variety Of Service

When you come to Swiss Cast, you are coming to a company that offers a wide range of services. Whether it’s direct-to-home broadcasting like is offered with the Astra 2C at 19.2°E, or other services like Radio, Television, and Internet, we have got you covered at Swiss Cast.


With both the Astra 2C at 19.2°E and Swiss Cast having such a reliable reputation, it is no wonder that the two would come together. We know that uptime is key, and you cannot afford any delays or service interruptions. That’s why we offer uptimes with the satellites that will never fail you when you need them the most.

Secure Satellite

Satellites like the Astra 2C at 19.2°E are also designed with an emphasis on security. All transmissions are secure, and you don’t have to worry about the threat of any cybercrime.

Expanded Coverage

Through the Astra 2C at 19.2°E, you can expect transmissions that can reach all over Europe and even parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

Your Future With Us

The Astra 2C at 19.2°E is expected to remain active through 2016. With several more years from the Astra 2C at 19.2°E, and a commitment from Swiss Cast to be the solution to your needs, you can be rest assured that we aren’t going nowhere. We, and the satellites we use have a bright future. We wish for you to be included in that future.

Astra 2C Europe Ku-band Beam H

Astra 2C Europe Ku-band Beam H

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