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Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E

The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E was designed off the MSS-2500 GSO model bus. It was manufactured by ISS Reshetnev, and is operated by Eutelsat Communications. The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E was designed with a power of 5,600 W. The beacons on Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E are 11541.09H, 12501H, 11450.35H, and 11199.5H. Swiss Cast is quite confident in the specifications of this satellite, and we know that you will be too.


The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E was launched on April 17th, 2000. The launch of Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E took place at Baikonur Cosmodrome, located in Kazakhstan. At launch, the Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E weighed 2,500 kg. The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E was launched with the Proton K rocket.


The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E orbits at 16.0°E. The Norad number for Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E is 26243, and the Cospar number is 2000-019A. The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E has a geostationary orbit. The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E has now been in orbit for over a decade.


Swiss Cast is proud of the high-quality transponders that are found on the Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E. The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E contains 18 Ku-band transponders. These transponders are responsible for providing high-speed internet, video, as well as messaging services. The Twta output of the transponders is 83 W. The bandwidth is 18×72 MHz. In all, the Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E transponders provide service all throughout Europe and parts of Asia.

The Beams

The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E contains 2 active beams. These beams are the Ku-band Europe and the Ku-band Spot beams. Like the transponders, we at Swiss Cast are quite confident in the quality of these beams.

Past Success

The Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E comes from a long line of successful satellite launches. EutelSat relies on over 20 satellites to deliver the services that are needed in today’s world. Going back over a decade, EutelSat has proven that it’s satellites are to be trusted and Swiss Cast is proud to include Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E as a satellite that is offered. This is the quality you can expect from us.


At the time of the launch, Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E had an expected lifetime of 10 years. This would have put the Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E in operation through 2010. However, it has been over a dozen years and Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E continues to remain active. As is common with high quality satellites like Eutelsat 16C at 16.0°E, it continues to outlast it’s expected expiration date and provide quality service you can rely on. You can be sure that Swiss Cast will continue to provide reliable service once the satellite is retired.

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